To strenghten the access to international markets through a taylor made service to suppliers, according to their specific background, needs and objectives.Sustainable Trading Company SA ‘’your desk at origen’’

To take care of the interests of the buyers thanks to a strategic alliance and work with local suppliers, that will allow to build up a personalized and strongest relation with the source/origin.


To allow a sustainable growth through a close partnership between buyers and sellers, thanks to technical advises, the creation of added value and empowerement at origin, price risk management training, to impact direclty on a better business for both sides.

Our commitments

  1. STC looks to strenghten export business from specific suppliers

  2. STC market coffee and train its network of suppliers, through workshops, daily information and specific services

  3. STC promotes sustainable business through a ‘win-win’ situation between buyer and supplier

  4. STC contracts are transparent: the supplier will be the final exporter and will pay for a commission that will guarantee that all the extra price will go to the supplier

  5. STC only works with buyers that will guarantee a sustainable business, consistent relation and care for the supply chain

  6. STC looks for buyers that share the same vision of the business: love of the product, care of the local actors, commitment to be involved in a sustainable relation

  7. STC is the ambassador of its buyers, maintaining a fluent communication and looking for added value as well as a strategic position in the supply chain

Access to Markets

  1. STC handle a book of internationnal importers, agents and roasters that share the same vision of the coffee market and the role of a transparent and a sustainable supply chain

  2. STC sells coffee to the main continents of Western Europe, North America and Asia

  3. STC acts as an embassador for those customers and suppliers

  4. We promote trips to origin where customers can share with growers and know better our activity


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