INCONEXUS supplies the most demanding international markets with products of high environmental and social value, especially with differentiation in quality, while generating the sustainability of small farmers organizations throughout Colombia.

Our direct involvement and long-¬term effects on small farmers and indigenous organizations with quality improvement programs, training and institutional strengthening lets us know the best area to area microclimates and agroecological conditions to cultivate and select coffees to suit our customers.

Each of the areas where we work has been carefully chosen to offer beyond the virtuosity of Colombian coffees: nice and complex notes, from the organic to the exotic. The magic of offering an aromatic coffee with notes of chocolate and low acidity of the Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta in contrast with a high acidity coffee, citrus notes and a round body of the coffee from Huila.

INCONEXUS has a capacity for logistics and supply major markets to make up large batches to the selection of special fields for micro toasters.

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